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About The Movie

A Road Trip Into Autism


They are two brothers. You can definitely tell.
Behind them. their little brother has become an adult.
Robin, he‘s autistic. He‘s always been.
That‘s the way it is.
They have grown up with the idea that certain things are irreversible.
And that there was no one inside that body.
Then one day Robin starts to write.
That‘s when the brothers begin to see the handicap in a different way.
What if everything could change?
What if nothing had to be forever stuck?

Debout Frérot ! (Wake Up, Bro !) is a roadmovie documentary project carried out by two brothers who decide to go on a crisscross truck trip in search for possibile solutions, with their youngest autistic brother. Through their journey, while sharing a look on the life of their family, they give way to encounter doctors, therapists, artists who are interested in the understanding of autism and families who thumbed their nose at fate.

Debout Frérot !, thruogh its search of well-being paths and its everyday poetry, it delivers a resolutely positive message by restoring the hope of living together, where many families often face fatalism and misunderstanding.

"Quentin you are more posed more dad I admire you because you are the calmest of us four you are the wise of the family grand chef" - ROBIN


The Elder

  •      Scenario
  •      Operator
  •      Production
  •      Post Production

It is at the IAD that he trains himself in Performing Arts and Techniques of Diffusion and Communication and later in scriptwriting.
In parallel with his career as an actor on stage, in cinema and on television and as a screenwriter for entertainment programs, he specialized in producing videos for professionals and individuals whose goal is to capture "the flavor of men's stories" ...

"Nicolas it is you who serve me guide I am like you very sensitive skinned skin of the injustices sometimes a little too much I love you big brother" - ROBIN


The Cadet

  •      Scenario
  •      Activity Organizations with Robin
  •      Contact & ITW Stakeholders

Trained at photography at the St-Luc institute in Tournai and at the ERG (Brussels), always eager for new horizons, he is also trained in the practice of the trame and in psycho-corporal therapy.
An avowed bastard, on the road to the Woofing of the remote farms or meeting the autists of the Places of Life and Home of France and Navarre, he likes above all to take the road by truck or by bike, leaving a few moments behind him while which is too well acquired.

"Thank you for being my family I'm well done, congratulations to both" - ROBIN


The Benjamin

  •      Main character.
  •      In his own role.
  •      Even if he sometimes takes himself for an actor ...
  •      Texts, voiceover

Robin enjoys playing his guitar, listening to the music of the sounds around him, twirling everything that looks like girls' hair.
He also likes to play to avoid crossing the iris of a gaze that fixes it except when it comes to a camera lens.

©Laetizia Bazzoni
©Laetizia Bazzoni

Special thanks


Thanks to Sara, the brothers's little sister, to have kindly joined us on this project with his illustrations (animations, T-shirts, DVD jacket ...), as well as for his unfailing support and his wise eyes.

and especially,
THANK YOU to our early contributors!