We need You!

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1st Step: CHECK!

Thank's to all co-producers!

NEXT STEP: 23 000€

« Shooting in FRANCE »

You can help then to PRODUCE OUR MOVIE!


What will the money collected be used for?


For this film to emerge, we need you!
We have already shot the film Trailer on own funds



We are waiting for some production aids, but we are looking for contributors to help us launch the first stage of the film: The Shooting!

We plan to shoot this spring 2018 in FRANCE and BELGIUM.

The more the budget of this film will be independent source, the greater will be our freedom!

It is a challenge that we are launching, and we believe in it!



We are convinced that the subject is sufficiently relevant and urgent to federate a maximum of contributors.


The film will be financed in 2 stages so that it gets a diffusion to the height of the message that it seeks to pass.




1 - Shooting and pre-editing

  • Preparation
  • Travel (mainly the fuel of the truck!)
  • Rental of equipment (cameras, sound etc).
  •  stipends
  • Pre-assembly of rushes for test screenings with contributors

At the end of this stage, a private screening will be organized between the team and the contributors who donated more than 100

This meeting will allow us to take the "temperature of the room", to discuss about the film and about the relevance of the new approaches that it proposes, as well as on the understanding of the narration.


2 - Post-production and Broadcast

  • Calibration & Mixing by professional technicians..
  • Payment of musical rights
  • Broadcast, Promotion, DVD Creation


Whatever the amount, every donation counts!


Each contributor will have his name on the list of donors on the website www.deboutfrerot-lefilm.com

Starting from € 50, each donor will have his name in the credits of the film!

Of course, some will give us more latitude than others ... the important thing for us is to allow everyone to contribute humbly to their means.


So ... how much does it cost to make this movie?

Making a movie costs ... expensive, (for example, the announced budget of the film "Tomorrow" was announced at 950 000 euros ...) but Standing Frérot!, Because of its formula of shooting in siblings, limits a maximum costs, so that the film can be certain to see the light of day, without being subject to the possible promises of external financing. The question of autism sometimes creates controversy, and we would like to have the latitude to be able, ethically, to make certain choices regarding patronage or partnership ...


If we meet € 12,300, "We start production"

We finalize the pre-production, we start the truck and we start on the road to shoot the first interviews, all with a lot of elbow grease, and volunteering ...




With 23 000 € "The Truck Starts!"

We start the truck and we start on the road to shoot the first interviews, all with a lot of elbow grease, and volunteering ...


With 46 000 € "We cross Fran"

Yes, painter! We insist! Because it is essential to be comfortable, to have time before us, so that our common project comes to life.
We can let ourselves be wandered, because the magical moments that crystallize in the interaction with Robin are often unforeseen moments ...
You have to be available, Robin needs time to feel comfortable.
We can really shoot the film without limit.
To leave according to desires and new meetings, to propose new activities to Robin, to go a little further ...
In short, we can "turn without counting".
More interviews, longer meetings, more content ...


With 65 000 € "We try the solutions! A summer of autistic experiences! "
We see things in a big way through a unique experience!
We do not know how far we will lead this film, nor on which (s) conclusion (s) it will lead.
We hope for a Happy-End, obviously ...
Above all, we hope to be able to show a possible and rewarding daily life. Show other families that it is possible to re-invent our relationship to autism.
For that, one of the sequences that we envisage is to film the experimentation on a daily basis and during several weeks of the methods of which we will have known during the filming, which seem to us relevant, judicious and within reach of Robin.
This requires a significant investment in terms of time, equipment rental etc., but that could upset the conclusion of the film.
A way to play fair with the reality of autism!

With € 100,000 "We shoot an independent film"
Citizen funding is important to us. The larger the share of the film financed by the co-producers citizens, the greater will be our freedom in the choice of speakers, in the distances traveled.

With 125,000 euros "We record the soundtrack of the film"
Seeing the attraction of Robin for all kinds of sounds, and the musical practice in which our family bathes, we would like to do some studio sessions to record the music of the film, accompanied by a professional musician specialized in the link between music and Handicap .

With 175 000 € "Here we go for the Post-Prod! "
We fine-tune the editing with a professional editor and the film goes to calibration and mixing, the last steps required for large-scale distribution!

With 250 000 € "The film makes all sense"
The film can be distributed, the DCP edited as well as the DVDs.
And to celebrate the event, the website of Debout Frérot! becomes a platform for disseminating testimonials and possible solutions to help families.
You will be able to find the interviews of the actors of the film in their entirety as well as new meetings and testimonies generated by the diffusion and the vision of the film.

Beyond 250 000 € "We aim for the international!"
The film can be translated and claim to be broadcast internationally ... because autism has no borders ...


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... and inform your network! ;-)