Autism is like a movement without a color or a flag and thousands of children around the world join in everyday. It’s a movement in progress, except no one understands what ideal it claims. Within this blurred chaos, very few are able to make their voices heard. So the status quo remains in its place.
For some the cause of autism is primarily genetic.
Fo others it’s a psychological/psychiatric disease.
Others think autistic people have a way of their own to understand the world. They could also be some kind of messengers…


Origin of the project

We have a little brother, Robin, who is 27 years old and who is Autistic.
We grew up with the idea that autism was irreversible, we just got used to living with a different brother, first with us, then there, in his home center.
That's life.
For some, the cause of autism would be primarily genetic.
For others, it would be a psychic disease. For others, the autistic would have a way of his own to apprehend the world.
He would also be a kind of messenger ...

But at age 30, as we pursue our professional and family lives, we begin to worry. Robin's physical condition is deteriorating. He could spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. And yet, doctors do not sound the alarm. What do you want, he is autistic!
He is autistic, yes.
And if he does not speak, he has started to write for a few years. And since then, we know that there is someone there, behind the disjointed body, with jerky reflexes.


Because of this, you can not resign yourself.
It is impossible for us to let fate win every day.
So we let our ears hang around. And we heard that there may be some solutions. That the physiology of the human body had its rules, and that they had to be respected.
Then this thought, more and more present: and if everything could change?
What if Robin's condition could improve?


Where are we going?

The desire was felt to reconnect with him, and to shoot a film to share our family reality, our look of brothers. Spend time together, so precious, but also gain height, and look for solutions, healing tracks.
We will meet doctors with a global approach, therapists with energy and body practices still little known, scientists, lecturers, specialists in physiology, artists offering insightful self-awareness opportunities, professionals using facilitated communication, and anyone else interested in understanding autism and seeking to make a difference.
Then finally, as we have met so often on our road, we wanted to give the floor to the families who meet the same difficulties.



We are two brothers who have been initiated to audiovisual professions. Nicolas is a photographer and Quentin is an actor, director, screenwriter and filmmaker.

Turning such a movie to three is a real challenge, especially without an external crew.
We are subject to the reality of Robin’s physical and emotional state. Daily life with him is sometimes difficult to film, it is necessary to be discreet in order to make him gain confidence.
Here we made the choice of shooting on a human scale, also because the film is part of a quest for freedom provided by “doing it together” dynamics, in line with film by Fernand Deligny.
Moreover this film requires multiple shooting sessions, extended over a long period of time, because of its particular nature.


Current context

We believe that it is extremely urgent that everyone allows themselves to question again their system of beliefs as regards to what we mean by health.
It is also urgent that society as a whole begins to feel concerned about autism and stops considering this pathology as a fatality, but rather as a warning sign of its sanitary state.
We are convinced that without a prompt collective awareness, autism will continue to cause damage in the exponential way that many recent studies have shown.
Paradoxically, autism is alo welcome.This tells something about our civilisation. And warns us.
Far from trying to frighten, Debout Frérot! delivers a positive message that restores the hope of living together, where too often we tent to run into fatalism and misunderstanding.
Above all, with Debout Frérot!, we would like to prompt debate on the issue of autism and to provide additional food for thought.
Cine-debates could be organized during community events, institutional or civic initiatives.

Debout Frérot! is also intended to be screened at film festivals, cinemas, and –  why not? – to be offered to television channels (let's be crazy ;-)!).
Not to mention, ultimately, the possibility of online streaming...